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What does Emmaus Ministry do?
Pope Francis challenges us to, “…get out of ourselves and go to the periphery.” Emmaus Ministry reaches out to thousands in need on the “periphery” in Syracuse. They are present to the marginalized, poor and homeless in their own environment. Through corporal works of mercy, food, drink, clothing, visiting the sick and burying the dead Emmaus Ministry puts flesh to the Gospels, in a true “missionary evangelist” spirit. Emmaus Ministry is a dynamic and committed ministry that strives to meet the needs of many in every section of the city.

Why should I support Emmaus Ministry?
Mental illness, alcoholism and substance abuse are a few of the main causes of homelessness. These things are very real to many of us. It was my own experience growing up in a family that dealt with these issues that lead me to realize how blessed we were to have had the support we needed to overcome and deal with some of the worst effects of mental illness and alcoholism. But for those who do not have that same support the street is very often where they end up. Emmaus Ministry provides the support they need by Taking the Gospel to the Streets. Find more information about Emmaus Ministry at:

Why Run Your Faith?
In addition to the support my family received it was running and my faith and the fellowship they provided that helped me through the worst of times. In that spirit, I ask that you show your support for Emmaus Ministry by becoming a Run Your Faith Runner or Emmaus Ministry volunteer. For more information please contact Bob Raymonda at:

How do I help?
Donating to our on-going Shoe Collection is one way and in the very near future we will have a “To The Streets” benefit event. Also, by being present at events as a Run Your Faith Runner wearing a Luke 24:31 bible bib in a “virtual run” manner will help us spread the good news about Emmaus Ministry. Volunteers are always needed and welcome and there are many different opportunities available through the ministry. You can call St. James at: 315-469-7789 or contact Sheila Austin, Director of Emmaus Ministry at:

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On the road to Emmaus

Just like the two disciples who were joined by the resurrected Jesus as they traveled from Jerusalem to Emmaus on that first Easter, but did not recognize Him, we too are called to recognize the face of Christ in all who we encounter.
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