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Every shoe that's donated is a reminder that we are called to walk in the Light; to walk in the shoes of another recognizing the face of Christ in a stranger; to go the extra mile extending mercy to someone less fortunate. More...   A virtual, Run of Recognition, wearing a Luke 24:31 “Bible Bib” is a great way to Run Your Faith. Bearing witness to the idea that we should all walk (or run) in someone else's shoes and consider what it's like to be isoloated, homeless or poor. More...
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To volunteer at our upcoming event contact Bob Raymonda at: or to find out how you can help with one of Emmaus Ministry's many volunteer programs contact Sheila Austin, Director of Emmaus Ministry at: More...   Pope Francis has asked us to step out of ourselves and go to where the most vulnerable of our society live and extend to them God's mercy. You can help support the good work of Emmaus Ministry who brings the Gospel to the streets in a true “missionary evangelist” spirit by entering this year’s “Road To Emmaus” Walk & Run on July 15th. More...
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On the road to Emmaus

Just like the two disciples who were joined by the resurrected Jesus as they traveled from Jerusalem to Emmaus on that first Easter, but did not recognize Him, we too are called to recognize the face of Christ in all who we encounter.
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